Avoid using the WhatsApp Brand Resources for anything that would be inconsistent with WhatsApp’s Terms of Service and these Guidelines. We may evaluate your use of the WhatsApp Brand Resources at any time to determine if you are violating our Terms of Service or these Guidelines. We may also revoke your permission to use the WhatsApp Brand Resources at any time. Don’t use the WhatsApp Brand Resources as part of a name of a product or service of a company other than WhatsApp. You may use the word “WhatsApp” in your book or play to accurately describe your subject matter, as long as it’s clear that WhatsApp doesn’t endorse or sponsor your project. You may not use WhatsApp logos or images in your book or play without prior written permission from WhatsApp.

Search content on your phone, then tap to add it to tonight’s lineup. Browse content from across your apps, intelligently organized just for you. Make sure that your app is in full compliance with their guidelines so that it doesn’t get rejected because of problems arising from an easily-avoidable factor. The second most important factor affecting your Conversion Rates is the App Title. After people see the App Icon the next thing they see and read is your App Title. Finding the proper keywords to include in your metadata is also important. After that, the search engines look at the credibility of the website by viewing the number of visits. If they are visited often, the search engines take that website as a credible one, thus they rank those websites in a higher rank for those keywords. Before delving into the details, let’s have a look at how Google indexes the keywords in your description.

App Icon Testing Framework: Optimizing App Store Conversion Rates

The study further revealed that “Apps for personalizing Android phones led all categories as most likely to be malicious”. According to PC World, “Google said it would need more information about RiskIQ’s analysis to comment on the findings.” In February 2012, Google introduced a new automated antivirus system, called Google Bouncer, to scan both new and existing apps for malware google play branding guidelines (e. g. spyware or trojan horses). In 2017, the Bouncer feature and other safety measures within the Android platform were rebranded under the umbrella name Google Play Protect, a system that regularly scans apps for threats. In June 2017, Google introduced “Android Excellence”, a new editorial program to highlight the apps deemed the highest quality by the Google Play editors.

To download brand assets please visit this same URL on your work or home computer. It’s a set of values, attributes, and design principles that reflects the spirit of our company. Using it consistently will reinforce our passion and commitment to connect the world through real-time communication. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Be sure to read the Branding Guidelines and contact Google via the Android and Google Play Brand Permissions Inquiry form if you have any questions. SVGs in this repository were generated from files provided by Google here and they have all the copyrights and trademarks and whatevs. To view the list of available badges, please see this folder or view all of the images in one place here. If I’ve made an error somewhere or you’d like an additional language added, please open an issue. With a little JavaScript to check for locale (check navigator.language

Relying Solely On Google Experiments Results

Just don’t forget to check the Google Play guidelines and make sure that they are in line with what Google wants from you. Even if the App Icon can be viewed as a creative asset of your app there are a couple of points that are important to keep in mind when creating a good App Icon. By repeating your most important keywords in your description you tell the Google Play algorithm that your app is most relevant to those keywords. When Google ranks your app for keywords, it follows a process similar to that of the search engines in SEO. You provide the algorithm a body of text that is full of keywords that are relevant to your app/website and based on their density the search engines associate your app/website with those keywords. You can see that Clash of Clans has decided to go for branding over ASO. As they are a well-established brand they don’t need the extra ranking from additional keywords. Instead, they go for branding to further enhance their brand identity. Google Design is a cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and developers at Google.

This doesn’t mean you need to add a completely new feature to your app every day. Instead, you should track problems users are facing with your app and provide solutions through regular updates. User experience and user satisfaction have always been top priorities for Google. The Google Play Store Editorial Team considers these same factors when determining whether to feature an app. For example, Pixlr, a free photo editing app, has uploaded several high-resolution, descriptive screenshots to clearly show users what the app is about. The app’s publisher even added a 1-minute introductory video to further show users what they can do with the app. No matter how great your Android app design is, it will never get an entry to the Editors’ Choice section if it fails to meet functional and user interaction quality criteria set by Google. According to Google, all Android apps should implement Material Design guidelines in their user interfaces. If you fail to implement these guidelines, forget the dream of your app getting selected as an Editors’ Choice.

Keep reading to learn how you can optimize all of your iOS app creatives from screenshots to icons and videos, to better engage potential users and increase revenue for your app development business. So, to show the other assets users must tap on your app name on the search results. This makes Google Play App Store Optimization a bit less complicated in terms of conversion rates. Developers who respond to feedback spread a positive image about the app and themselves, impressing new users who visit the product page. Do not under any circumstances stuff your keywords into your description. Your app will not be approved and you might get banned from the Play Store for spam content.

This is a powerful test to conduct in order to determine which of these widely known characters potential installers respond the best to and will convince them to install the game (in this case, it’s The Flash). It’s also possible to develop hypotheses that don’t actually lead to any beneficial understandings. For example, while the Icon test example above is a vast improvement to simply changing the background color, we still don’t consider it to be as effective as it could be. The developer uses the same character in similar positions with slight adjustments to the weapons he holds. The design directions of each Icon are too similar to generate useful results even though a “winning” variation was found. In the Google Experiments test above, Gameloft creatively tested distinct combinations of both character placement and gameplay elements. Each of the variations is different enough in their messaging and design to isolate the reason why a specific Icon won and to provide a foundation that can guide the next test. In this case, the winning Icon shows that visitors don’t respond well to a character in the Icon, implying that gameplay mechanisms are the main appeal over environmental and storytelling aspects. Users can’t rely on previous experience to figure out the meaning behind the icon, even if that meaning makes perfect sense to you. The Game Center icon is a great example; an interesting, colorful icon but people usually wonder what it means.

They can be downloaded directly on an Android device through the proprietary Play Store mobile app or by deploying the application to a device from the Google Play website. Applications utilizing hardware capabilities of a device can be targeted to users of devices with specific hardware components, such as a motion sensor (for motion-dependent games) or a front-facing camera . The Google Play store had over 82 billion app downloads in 2016 and reached over 3.5 million apps published in 2017, while after a purge of apps is back to over 3 million. It has been the subject of multiple issues concerning security, in which malicious software has been approved and uploaded to the store and downloaded by users, with varying degrees of severity. In the Graphic Assets section, below your screenshots, you’ll find where to add your feature graphic. If you do have a promo video this makes it one of the most important creative assetsof your listing, right along with your app icon and even more critical than your screenshots. To publish your app, the Google Play feature graphic is actually required even if you don’t have a promo video because Google wants to have it in case they decide to feature you.

Plus, it’s the only app store element that has a lasting impact on re-engagement since it reminds users to open the app when they see it on their smartphone homescreens. In Google Play, the app icon is one of the first creative assets that users see when browsing and searching within the platform. Hence, it is essential to have an icon that gives a strong first impression while communicating your app’s purpose and utility. Color is one of the most important elements of your brand identity. Just think of the blue in Facebook or the black and white theme in UBER. If you’ve developed a strong color story for your brand, stick with it. There is nothing more disorienting to a user then suddenly feeling like he or she has entered a different product space in the UI. Material Design provides a simple, smart approach to building harmonious color stories, regardless of whether you use the palette or apply your own color story to the system.

Available Badges

Even if you exclude low-quality apps, there are still more than 2.2 million apps to compete with in order to get your app featured on the Play Store. Helping you guide kids to age-appropriate content, in a space that’s all their own. Google, naturally, wants to feature apps that are very high-quality products. Therefore, make sure that the UI, creatives, and functions are all top notch. Similar to the App Store, the first ten seconds of your video is vital. Those ten seconds is the time period where the person watching it makes their verdict about the video and the app. Screenshots play an important role in increasing your Conversion Rates. Maybe a smaller part because they are only visible on your product page, not in the search results. The Developer Name is one of the few assets shown on the search results page.
google play branding guidelines
Scalability – Remember that the icon is going to be shown in several places throughout the platform and in different sizes. A big part of the conceptual stages of creating an icon should be considering the design scale. Make sure you try out your icon on the device and in multiple contexts and sizes and remember that simplicity is the way to go—focus on a unique shape or element that retains its qualities when scaled. On Google Play, you have the option to add a promotional YouTube video that will be positioned within your Gallery. If you use a video, there will be a Poster Frame with a play button overlay. Please note that the end crop of this asset depends on each user’s device. Apple recommends placing the most important design elements in the “safe area,” which ensures that every device will see what’s included in this box.
WhatsApp dedicates substantial resources to the development and protection of its intellectual property. In addition to seeking registration of its trademarks and logos, WhatsApp enforces its rights against people who misuse its trademarks. Submit a written request if you want to use the WhatsApp Brand Resources to market your products and services, or if you intend to use our assets in broadcast, television, or film. Otherwise, WhatsApp doesn’t require a brand permissions request or review your usage as long as you adhere to the WhatsApp Brand Guidelines. is an app developer and blogger working with iPraxa – Mobile App Development Company, who has proven expertise in resolving all the technical complexities involved in the development of innovative, unique websites and apps.

  • Apple store screenshot sizes are very specific, and we’ve listed them below.
  • See section six again for the use of words; use them only when they’re essential or part of a logo.
  • Until Google has processed your payment, then we will be unable to publish your app.
  • Stay Busy While You Wait It may take a while for your company to design and approve all the branded assets.
  • Since photography is the most important aspect ofShrine, the grid allows for large tiles and a majority of the real estate to be devoted to imagery.

Google has announced a pre-announcement of metadata policy changes that WILL affect your app’s listing if they don’t meet the new criteria. In most cases, you’re welcome to use our icons in your materials, but make sure to keep the relationship between our products truthful and clear. Don’t crowd the logo with images, text, or other graphics that compromise its impact. The amount of clear space around our logo should be equal to or google play branding guidelines greater than the height of the “G” in Google. The logo must never be used in a way that implies an endorsement or affiliation with Google where such a relationship does not exist, such as being featured on the cover of a book or in a TV commercial. The Google logo can only be used if you have an existing partnership or sponsorship and you’ve reached out to your Google contact to secure formal approval from the Google brand team.